Up to the EServer!

Issue #1, Fall 1996


Cybertrash: Advertising as the World Wide Waste of Technology
by Joshua Lederer
If you think cyberspace is full of junk now, just wait until it really gets going.

Running the Perfect E-Sale

by Matthew McKeon
Get rid of those collectibles with your own electronic fleamarket.

Looking for a Future Library

by Matthew Jordan
Future librarians will shape a brave new world of available information.

Slapshots in Cyberspace
by Jessica Strelitz
A hockey magazine run by students is a class act for hockey lovers.

Love Bytes
by Kelly Bowles
Romance on the Internet leads to the usual places.

Emergency Management with EIS Software
by Christine Miller
A new tool for disaster planning.


On the Market
by Stacy L. Adams
The young, single, female housebuyer may signal a new trend in real estate sales.

How to Shmooze in Hollywood when You're Nobody
by Alex Lewin
Talking to VIPs you do not know is an aggressive art form.

The Battle of the Blends
by Renée Cardelli
There is a coffeeshop in Pittsburgh designed just for you.

First Comes Love, then Comes Mortgage
by Cornela King
Is it a new age respect for marriage that makes a couple buy the house before taking the vows?

Raw like Sushi
by Vanessa Altman-Siegel
The expensive Japanese hip-hop scene reflects the urban poverty of the West.

How to get Tested for HIV
by Kelly Bowles
There is a right way to do this, and more reasons for doing it, than you think.

PRAFO: A New Way to Avoid Pressure Sores
by Jessica Mancini
This device for the hospitalized saves the foot from ulcers… and worse.

Smoldering Desires
by Jessica Strelitz
Do men really love women who smoke cigars?

Performances at the Ice House
by Joshua Lederer
At the History Center the actors live in the past, and explain themselves.


Lonnie Graham: It's Life but is it Art?
by Wendy Powers
The Pittsburgh photographer honors those who raised him.

Johnstown Takes a Lickin', Keeps on Tickin'

by Jody Mihelic
When ethnic groups bond, they survive disasters.

Jim Daniels: Blessing the House
by Megan Parke
The CMU poet passes from youth into the world of the father.

The War Bride Inverted

by Andrew McDermott
A Unitarian from Cleveland takes a Jew from Poland as her Male War Bride.